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SPEAK.STUDIO looks to leverage ideas by removing obstacles to audio production

Matt Boatwright-Simon. Photo supplied.

A new way to capture ideas by reducing as much friction in the process as possible, SPEAK.STUDIOS delivers a service to streamline podcasting.

SPEAK, a tech company that offers end-to-end podcasting services, is a local Dane county business in the running for the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce’s Pressure Chamber startup initiative. The company will have the opportunity to pitch its product as one of the five finalists in the group, but the exposure is what SPEAK’s Matt Boatright-Simon is most looking forward to. The winner of the Pressure Chamber will travel to Silicon Valley this fall with GMCC leaders for an exclusive meeting with investors.

“I think having exposure to additional possibilities for investment is important. We quite frankly have a path to where we’ll be okay no matter what,” said Boatright-Simon.

SPEAK is currently in a round of funding. Its hope, and Boatright-Simon’s, is that regardless of the outcome of this year’s Pressure Chamber, they could get the right exposure to potential future investors.

The tech company aims to solve a problem that it sees in podcasting: accessibility and friction limiting the ability to get ideas out there. The current market of podcasting is reliant on a slew of technology revolving around audio equipment and software to pair with it.

SPEAK offers an all-in-one solution with its streamlined approach to be usable on just your phone. Recording, editing and publishing can all be done without the bulk of equipment previously needed to create a quality podcast.

“It really is trying to make things low friction and easy for everybody. The idea of ideas being lost because we don’t have a simple way to capture, codify, organize and leverage them, I know it’s kind of heady, but it’s a big deal,” said Boatright-Simon. “If you imagine all the things that could be solved… all your bursts of inspiration, your cures, patents, recipes, great story ideas, most of these things are lost because we don’t have a way to capture and organize and leverage them when we need to. Imagine what you could do — how much faster we could innovate.”

Boatright-Simon’s heart and mind are set on preserving ideas and innovating the processes behind progress. The service aims to allow that innovation by removing as many barriers as it can to capture your ideas when the spark hits you.

To use SPEAK’s services, you can visit its website or contact them via email at m@speak.studio.

The Great Madison Chamber of Commerce’s Pressure Chamber will be held Tuesday at the Majestic Theatre, 115 King Street, from 3:00-4:30 pm. The winner from Pressure Chamber will be taken out to California to meet with investors to further its venture.

Registration to attend can be found on the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce’s website.