Entrepreneur of Color Spotlight: Tear Lor of Lure Beauty

Lashes and Lips. Lure Beauty, Appleton, Wis., is a permanent makeup salon that specializes in brows, lips, eyes, lashes and tiny tattoos founded by Tear Lor.

Lor was highlighted in the Entrepreneurs of Color Spotlight series, which highlights entrepreneurs of color to empower and support their businesses. It is sponsored by the Appleton Public Library, ColorBold Business Association and UW-Madison Division of Extension.

Lor started Lure Beauty in March of 2022. She was not interested in the beauty industry at first but in the late 2000s, after some encouragement from family and friends, she was pushed to capitalize on her skills in beauty. Not wanting to be stuck to a 9-5 job, Lor started Lure Beauty as a means to pursue her passion and skills.

In addition to running her business, she works full time. She obtained degrees from Fox Valley Technical College to be a medical and nursing assistant — but the freedom to have her own hours is what she enjoys most in her work.

“I can pick and choose the appointment time. I don’t have to start at 9:00,” Lor said. “If I want to go in late, I can just reschedule my appointments for the times that I want, so that’s the best thing I love about it.”

Lor started Lure Beauty by herself without the support of other businesses. She could not find the chance to reach out to get a push ahead to figure out how to run her beauty store. While new to the entrepreneurial grind, hopes are set to grow her permanent makeup salon and venture into teaching five years from now.

“I do really want to expand this. I hope for it to grow,” Lor said. “I do really want to become an educator for teaching lash extensions. I’m planning to get certified again to teach brows and lip blushing — that’s maybe within another six months or so. I just want to practice more to get more confident with my work so that I can become an educator.”

Lor hopes that she could eventually grow her team and customer base at Lure Beauty. Currently word of mouth and Facebook are Lure Beauty’s primary form of marketing. Her work speaks for itself to the point where Lor is gaining customers she would not expect to come to a beauty salon like hers.

The push to pursue your dreams is something that Lor wants to pass on to current and prospective entrepreneurs.

“If you want to do something, do it now. Don’t wait, don’t think about it, don’t take months,” Lor said. “I know there’s a lot of things that comes into consideration, but if you’re not going to start today, you’re never going to start.”

Lor likes to live by the motto “do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life.” At the salon, she feels like she could be there all day and not feel tired.

Lure Beauty currently operates Tuesday-Thursday from 5:00-9:00 pm. Appointments can be booked on Lure Beauty’s website.