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Wangard Partners announces key promotions

Kiefer Zenko, Tim Voeller, Landon Wirth. Photos supplied.

Wangard Partners, Inc. (Wangard), a Milwaukee-based full-service real estate firm, announced in a press release Monday the promotions of several key employees who have contributed to the company’s success in 2023.

The following are being recognized and promoted:

  • Kiefer Zenko, Senior Development Associate, will be promoted to Senior Financial Analyst
  • Tim Voeller, General Counsel, will be promoted to Vice President and General Counsel
  • Landon Wirth, Director of Mortgage Finance, will be promoted to Vice President, Real Estate Finance & Capital Markets

“Our incredibly talented team continues to excel and successfully navigate the many complex projects we have in the pipeline at Wangard,” CEO Matt Moroney said in a statement. “Their contributions, along with the entire team, are the reason we are able to maintain our high development standards and exceptional partner, vendor, investor, and community relationships.”