Rev. T.D. Jakes strikes 10-year, $1 billion partnership to build inclusive communities

Rev. T.D. Jakes. CBS Mornings screen capture.

The T.D. Jakes Group and Wells Fargo on Thursday announced a 10-year partnership aimed at creating inclusive communities for people of all income levels. The announcement was made on “CBS Mornings.” 

“The future looks very bleak, particularly for minorities,” Jakes said. “Black people, Brown people and also poor White people who are finding it difficult, workforce people, to find a job, to find opportunities to get housing, to get upward mobility.”

The first project of the partnership involves the development of mixed-income housing and retail facilities outside of Atlanta on 95-acre property formerly known as Fort McPherson, which neighbors Tyler Perry Studios. 

Jakes said the projects will focus on mixed-income housing, not just low-income.

“The reason mixed-income housing is vitally important is because we tried low-income communities before and they fall into the abyss and become ghettos,” Jakes said. “Mixed-incomes have a much better result, safer, better schools, better opportunities, upward mobility.”