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Disability:IN Wisconsin to host first career fair Wednesday

Image by Rawpixel.

Disability:IN Wisconsin announced in a press release that it will host its inaugural Career Fair, taking place on Wednesday, May 15th, at ManpowerGroup, 100 Manpower Place, Milwaukee. This event aims to bring together employers and job seekers for a day of networking, education, and opportunity, with a focus on promoting diversity, disability inclusion, and accessibility in the workplace.

The Disability:IN Wisconsin Career Fair will feature a diverse range of activities and opportunities for both employers and job seekers, including:

  • Educational Sessions for Employers: Informative presentations and workshops designed to educate employers on the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities, best practices for creating inclusive workplaces, and strategies for accommodating diverse needs.
  • Employment Support for Job Seekers: Specialized sessions and resources to assist job seekers with disabilities in their job search, including resume reviews, interview preparation, and networking opportunities.
  • Reverse Career Fair: A unique twist on the traditional career fair format, where job seekers with disabilities take the lead, showcasing their skills, talents, and experiences to prospective employers in an interactive and engaging setting.
  • Traditional Career Fair: An opportunity for employers and job seekers to connect directly, explore job opportunities, and build meaningful connections in a traditional career fair setting.

“We are thrilled to host our inaugural Career Fair and provide a platform for employers and job seekers to come together and explore inclusive employment opportunities,” Saul Newton, Executive Director of Disability:IN Wisconsin, said in a statement. “This event represents a significant step towards building more diverse, inclusive, and accessible workplaces in our community.”

The Disability:IN Wisconsin Career Fair is open to employers, job seekers, and community members who are committed to advancing diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in the workplace. Registration is now open, and space is limited. More information and registration are available at