Rock County Equity Manager Dr. Atiera Coleman plucked to become state of Illinois CDO

Rock County Equity Manager Dr. Atiera Coleman has been named Chief Diversity Officer for the State of Illinois, Governor J.B. Pritzker announced in a press release last week. She will officially assume the role on July 17, 2023.

“Atiera Coleman brings with her a wealth of experience and accomplishments, and I’m thrilled she is joining my administration to lead Illinois’ equity, inclusion, and diversity efforts,”  Pritzker said in a statement. “Throughout her career, Dr. Coleman has held leadership roles in both non-profit and academic settings, making remarkable contributions that have transformed these institutions into spaces of greater inclusion and equity. I am looking forward to working collaboratively with her to continue making Illinois a more equitable and welcoming state for all.”

“I am thrilled to accept the position and eager to join the team to build upon the great work already done,” Coleman said in a statement. “Equity is essential for our state’s future—we cannot afford to leave anyone behind. I am excited to work with our leaders and communities to make our state a more just and equitable place for all.”

In 2021, Pritzker established the Office of Equity, led by the Chief Equity Officer, to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across state government. The Office of Equity creates sustainable procedures for state agencies by making DEI resources available to all state employees to better serve every Illinoisan.

Dr. Coleman most recently held the position of Equity Manager for Rock County, Wisconsin, where she spearheaded the integration of policies within the county’s administrative structure to ensure equal and unbiased access for all individuals served by the county.

Previously, Dr. Coleman served as the Associate Dean of Student Success, Equity, and Community at Beloit College. She supervised the college’s Federal TRIO Program designed to support students from underserved backgrounds, and served on the Anti-Racism Liaison team, implementing the college’s Becoming Better Plan.

She earned her doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and her work uses a comprehensive range of mixed-methods approaches to examine contemporary and historical discriminatory practices that impede institutional equity. Dr. Coleman’s transformative influence extends beyond her immediate sphere, and she remains resolutely committed to creating a more just and equitable society.