JP Hair Design expands, opens new salon space

Photo by Omar Waheed.

Celebrating 25 years in business Saturday, JP Hair design also unveiled its new 568 Hair Studios and brought the community together.

Barbers friends, family, clients and community members came out to JP Hair Design, 584 Grand Canyon Drive, to enjoy food and socialize as Jeff “JP ” Patterson gave tours of the new 568 Studio. The party was the result of Patterson’s ongoing efforts as a barber and business owner.

“I always wanted to own my own property, so I was lucky enough to get this. That was the plan,” Patterson said. “I don’t have to move anything. It’s only 10 minutes away from my house.”

A few years ago, Patterson purchased the entire three-building business complex on Grand Canyon Dr where his barber shop has operated since 1998. His plan was to always own his own property, but only recently decided to expand his hair studio space with 568 Hair Studio. The new studio space is in the building adjacent to JP Hair Design.

The new space has four different areas that local salons and barbers can rent out. Currently three are occupied with one already up and running. Beauty for Ashes, one of the three occupying the space, was there to greet prospective clients. The other two occupants are a local barber and one of JP Hair Design’s barbers, who are yet to set up shop. 568 Hair Studios offers a way for small salons and barbers to have their own space and eventually scale up like Patterson has over the years.

Patterson has slowly expanded JP Hair Design. His operation started from a small four-chair shop and progressively scaled up to the now three-building business complex.

“I’ve been at this location for 24 years. It grew slow,” Patterson said. “I started off with a four-chair shop, then added a salon — so four chairs to eight — and then into 10 chairs. In 2016, we added a men’s health center,” he added, referring to the Men’s Wellness Center operated by Aaron Perry’s Rebalanced Life Wellness Association.

JP Hair Design sat at 10 chairs for a while until Patterson was able to purchase the property in 2021. Its neighbor to the right in the business complex is Perry Family Free Clinic. The clinic focuses on providing free health care services for health issues central to Black men. The clinic is a strong advocate for health education and ties in directly with JP Hair Design’s mental health center.