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Laser focus: Queen P’s Throne provides unique earrings to Black women, looks to expand

Photo by Shalicia Johnson.

Stephanie Prewitt has always loved earrings. That’s why she found herself purchasing multiple pairs from her friend’s business during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. She realized she could resell the earrings in their natural state and wanted to see what more she could do. 

In April of that year, she launched Queen P’s Throne, named after the nickname her husband gave her, and began selling earrings to friends and family. 

It took her a while to get her feet off the ground, especially as a Black business owner. She also has a full-time job, so it was difficult at first to find balance in work and creating her products. 

She purchased a laser machine to help her create her own styles for her earrings but it took her a while to gain the confidence to create her own unique products. One day a friend of hers asked about the laser machine and she knew she needed to begin trying to put her own flare on her products.  

“She was like, ‘What are you waiting on?’ Prewitt recalled. “It was the fear. Because it was so easy to get these earrings from somebody else. I knew that once I started it, that was it, and I had to learn what to do. The first two months were trial and error. I finally got the hang of it.”

Since then, her business has taken off and she’s received a lot of support from the Madison community and customers across the country. She loves being called the earring queen, but recently she began creating other products that are especially helpful for other business owners.  

“My vision for my business going forward is to let people know that I create earrings but I also have this laser machine. I can make door signs. I’ve been doing marketing QR code signs. I want to connect with businesses that walk around with business cards, so now they can have just their QR code on their keychain.” 

Prewitt added that she loves creating different styles of earrings for different people and providing a plethora of options for all customers to choose from, but especially Black women. 

“I love being able to provide us something that is unique and different that you can’t just walk into a store to get,” she said. “I’m gonna be honest, there’s not much for us and if it is, it’s frowned upon. I wanted to create something for us. I also make a variety of earrings for everyone else as well. But the mission is us. I would love to be in a room with 50 people with the same pair of earrings but it has some type of glitter, rhinestones, and something different. Purple, red, green, whatever color you want. Because we all have that uniqueness.”

For more information about products and Stephanie’s story, visit Queen P’s Throne website or Facebook page.