October unemployment down from September, but up from 2022

The unemployment rate fell across most of Wisconsin’s 12 metro areas, 35 cities and 72 counties in the month of October in comparison to the previous month, but rose over the course of the past year in many cases.

In brief, the non-seasonally adjusted data from the Department of Workforce Development shows:

Metropolitan Statistical Areas: Preliminary October 2023 unemployment rates declined in all 12 Wisconsin metro areas over the month; the rates increased in all 12 areas over the year.
Municipalities: Preliminary October 2023 unemployment rates declined in 33 of Wisconsin’s 35 largest cities over the month; rates for the remaining two cities were unchanged over the same time; over-the-year rates increased in 33 of the state’s 35 largest cities and did not change in the remaining two cities.
Counties: Preliminary October 2023 unemployment rates decreased in 71 counties and was unchanged in one Wisconsin county over the month; over-the-year rates decreased or didn’t change in four of Wisconsin’s 72 counties and increased in the remaining 68 counties.

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