Artists Collective to host Soulful Sunday Brunch 5 at Robinia Courtyard this Sunday 

Artists Collective is an art entertainment organization, founded in 2018, designed to support Black and brown artists in Madison to navigate the entertainment industry. Their goal is to make sure artists are able to focus on creating their art and making a name for themselves. 

Since its inception, Artists Collective has focused on creating a unique urban experience in Madison, specifically for communities of color. This Sunday, Artists Collective will host their Soulful Sunday Brunch 5 at Robinia Courtyard from 2:30-10:00 pm. This event will kick off Madison Black Restaurant Week and is co-sponsored by the Madison Black Chamber of Commerce

Willie Wright serves as the community liaison for Artists Collective and began hosting brunches earlier this year. He talked with Madison365 about why he began hosting the brunches and what he’s most looking forward to. 

“Ultimately, I started the brunch because Madison didn’t have a restaurant where I could go and enjoy every week,” he said. “There’s not that Black spot. There are different spaces and restaurants to eat, but if you go to other cities, you know exactly where to go for brunch. Madison doesn’t have that. So I wanted at least the food at brunch to encompass that.”

This Sunday’s brunch will have food from a plethora of Black and brown-owned restaurants including Mama’s TreatsShay’s Expensive TasteDeVine Grilling and Dolce Deserts

Diamond Dezigns Events will be creating the decorations and backdrops for this event and Photograph with Talia will be taking all the photos as well. Wright mentioned how excited he is that there are many new different Black-owned vendors and restaurants who will be getting exposure because of this event. 

“For me, it was just being able to eat on a Sunday,” he said. “This year, I really want to do something for the city that can really be seen and taken more seriously. So that’s what I’m most excited about, is that Artists Collective is getting the looks and getting the shine, to be able to showcase more on hip-hop. Because that’s where our heart is and that’s what we take care of.”

“I’m also excited about the food options for this brunch,” he added. “I’m most excited to see our five vendors, this is the most vendors we’ve ever had.”

Wright’s initial idea for the brunch was to create a unique dining experience for the Black community in Madison. He wanted to bring food that isn’t available in most places in Madison to the masses, while creating a vibrant atmosphere and variety of music for attendees. 

Wright is grateful to be able to partner with the Madison Black Chamber of Commerce and hopes to reach the point where the brunches are looked at as a hub for the future of entertainment and community in Madison. 

For more information about the Soulful Sunday Brunch 5 and to purchase tickets, visit their Eventbrite.